Sunday School @ Home
English Service: 9am & 11:15am • • Chinese: 9am • • PowerKids: 9am & 11:15am
1 Woodlands St 83, Singapore 738488


In view of the COVID-19 restrictions and suspension of on-site church services and PowerKids classes, we are providing parents with resources to provide spiritual nourishment to your children and engage them in discipleship conversations.

Our resources are adapted from The Gospel Project for Kids, which takes children on a Christ-centred, chronological journey through Scripture. Kids will discover how the gospel unfolds from Genesis through Revelation. For our purposes, we will be diving into Unit 34, where our kids will follow Paul as he faces various hardships but never stops telling others about his hope in Jesus.

New weekly materials will be made available every Friday by 5pm.


Pointers for parents:

  • Allocate about 30 minutes on any day in the week to use this material
  • There are 2 segments for your time each week:
  • a 10-15 minute teaching video
  • a 10-15 minute discussion that you have with your children, using a provided handout that has pointers for you and differentiated questions for lower & upper primary kids


Video & Discussion Handout

Watch this week's video and download the handout here at Kids@Woodlands EFC. (Click on "Resources" to download the handout.)