About Us
English Service: 9am & 11:15am • • Chinese: 9am • • PowerKids: 9am & 11:15am
1 Woodlands St 83, Singapore 738488


Our Purpose
We exist to glorify God by wholeheartedly loving God and people and by faithfully making disciples in our community and beyond through the empowering of the Holy Spirit.


Our Vision
A God-loving Community Touching and Transforming Lives for Christ in Woodlands and the World


Our Values
In the church, our values are our shared beliefs. They are important to us because they shape our purpose and vision, and impact how we do things in church. In WEFC, our church-wide values and leadership values form the basis for the way we think, act, and serve God and people.


Church-wide Values

Word Based & Spirit Led
We joyfully study and obey God's living and authoritative Word, submitting to the Spirit who forms Christ in us and empowers us for life and ministry.

Authentic Community
Authentic community leads to relationships characterised by greater depth in commitment to one another, and greater breadth in embracing people not in our normal social circles, because of the gospel.

Family Emphasis
The family is God's fundamental unit of church and society, founded on the marriage between one man and one woman. We equip every parent to nurture and disciple their children and all members to care and provide for others in their family.

Our prayerful lives glorify God and reflect our intimacy with Him. Our dependence on God in personal and corporate prayerfulness leads to fruitfulness in life and ministry.

We join the Father on His mission to bless Woodlands and the world with the transforming power of the gospel, loving others without condition. We go and make disciples of all peoples, offering salvation, hope and a reason to live. We work and bring wholeness and restoration to society.

Joyful Stewardship
God has given us talents, resources and gifts to be administered faithfully for His glory. We serve joyfully and sacrificially out of gratitude to God.


Leadership Values

Leadership Development
We are intentional in developing the next line of leaders and passing on the vision and values of WEFC so that they may rise up to teach and lead others.

Team Led & Team Driven
Ministry in WEFC is led and driven by teams comprising of multiple leaders with diversity of personality and gifting. Each team is led by a gifted servant leader empowered with the authority to lead, who does so, primarily but not solely, by example and persuasion.

Integrity of Heart
We stand by our words and principles with all honesty and consistency, even when it is not convenient or seen by others.

Brokenness is recognising the wretched condition of our heart, and that we desperately need God's help. We are surrendered to God and restored to others, with nothing to prove, nothing to lose and nothing to hide.

We delegate authority, power, responsibility and freedom within clear boundaries to teams and individuals so that God's work can be done effectively. We are willing to accept some risks and mistakes in order to nurture them in leadership and ministry.

As imitators of Christ, leaders set the culture of WEFC through modelling, because values are caught not taught. We live, lead and minister through life-on-life relationships.


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